NewOrderInfo Overview


Field Name  Data Type  Description
OrderSource Orders.OrderSource Order Source ID
OrderSourceOrderID String OrderSourceOrderID
OrderDate DateTime Order Date
CustomerFirstName String Customer First Name
CustomerLastName String Customer Last Name
CustomerEmail String Customer Email
BillingAddressFirstName String Billing Address First Name
BillingAddressLastName String Billing Address Last Name
BillingAddressCompany String Billing Address Company
BillingAddressStreet1 String Billing Address Street1
BillingAddressStreet2 String Billing Address Street2
BillingAddressCity String Billing Address City
BillingAddressState String Billing Address State
BillingAddressZipCode String Billing Address Zip Code
BillingAddressCountry String Billing Address Country
BillingAddressPhone String Billing Address Phone
ShippingAddressFirstName String Shipping Address First Name
ShippingAddressLastName String Shipping Address Last Name
ShippingAddressCompany String Shipping Address Company
ShippingAddressStreet1 String Shipping Address Street1
ShippingAddressStreet2 String Shipping Address Street2
ShippingAddressCity String Shipping Address City
ShippingAddressState String Shipping Address State
ShippingAddressZipCode String Shipping Address Zip Code
ShippingAddressCountry String Shipping Address Country
ShippingAddressPhone String Shipping Address Phone
ShippingMethod String Shipping Method
ShippingCarrier String Shipping Carrier
CustomerComments String Customer Comments
ShippingStatus Orders.OrderShippingStatus Shipping Status
PaymentStatus Orders.OrderPaymentStatus Payment Status
SubTotal Decimal Sub Total
TaxTotal Decimal Tax Total
ShippingTotal Decimal Shipping Total
GiftWrapTotal Decimal Gift Wrap Total
AdjustmentTotal Decimal Adjustment Total
GrandTotal Decimal Grand Total
CompanyID Integer Customer Email
Packages Generic.List(Of SellerCloud.OrderPackageDetails) List of OrderPackageDetails
Items Generic.List(Of SellerCloud.OrderItemDetails) List Of OrderItemDetails
Payments Generic.List(Of SellerCloud.OrderPaymentDetails) List Of OrderPaymentDetails
RushOrder Boolean Is Rush Order
DiscountTotal Decimal Discount Total
SalesRepId Integer Sales RepID
ShipFromWarehouseId Integer Ship From WarehouseID
ParentOrderID Integer Parent OrderID
TaxRate Decimal Tax Rate
CouponCode String Coupon Code
Customer_TaxExempt Boolean Is Customer Tax Exempt
Customer_TaxID String Customer TaxID
OrderCreationSourceApplication Orders.OrderCreationSourceApplicationType Order Creation Source Application
LockShippingMethod Boolean LockShippingMethod
HowHeard Integer How Heard
CustomerIP String Customer IP