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In order to get order notes, you can do it by calling endpoint described in this article.

In order to consume the endpoint you must:

  • Be authenticated user

For information on how you can authenticate, see: Authentication

As soon as you do authentication and receive a valid token, it needs to be passed on the call when retrieving order notes.

  • Have valid ID of an existing order


Example for such endpoint for TT server is{order_id}

For your server endpoint will be:



  • Method Type: HttpGet
  • Authorization: Use Bearer Token + token received from token authentication
  • Header info: Content-Type: application/json
  • Body data:


    Data Type


    Is Required



    ID of existing order.



  • If server error appears, then response will be with status code 500 => Internal Server Error
  • If getting order notes is successful, response will be with following format:
"EntityID": 1,
"Category": 0,
"NoteID": 33,
"Note": "Simple test note",
"AuditData": "2019-10-03",
"CreatedBy": 789,
"CreatedByName": "Daniel Dimitrov",
"CreatedByEmail": ""

  • field EntityID - ID of the sales order, which the notes are linked to.
  • field NoteID - ID of the note
  • field Note - text field that represents the text note message
  • field CreatedBy - ID of the user who has created the note. If CreatedBy = 0 then note was generated automatically by the system.
  • Category - category of the notes

    General: 0

Customer Instructions: 1

Customer Service Note: 2

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