Orders_UpdateShippingForOrder Overview


Field Name  Data Type  Description
AuthHeader SC.AuthHeader  Header object with details needed to authenticate the request
ServiceOptions  Service Options  Different Settings that can be set in regards to shipping in SellerCloud
OrdersUpdateShippingForOrderRequest  Request with all the details related to shipping this package
Sample vb.net code
Dim scService As New SC.SCServiceSoapClient
        Dim authHeader As New SC.AuthHeader
        authHeader.ApplicationName = "SimplifiedTrackingService"
        authHeader.ApplicationVersion = "ONE"
        authHeader.UserName = "" //USERNAME GOES HERE
        authHeader.Password = "" //PASSWORD GOES HERE
        Dim req As New SC.OrdersUpdateShippingForOrderRequest 
        With req
            If tbOrderID.Text <> "" Then
                .OrderID = CInt(tbOrderID.Text)
            ElseIf tbPONumber.Text <> "" Then
                .PONumber = CInt(tbPONumber.Text)
            ElseIf tbOrderSOurceOrderID.Text <> "" Then
                .OrderSourceOrderID = tbOrderSOurceOrderID.Text
                Dim ordersource As SimplifiedTrackingService.SC.OrderSource = Nothing
                Select Case tbOrderSource.Text
                    Case "website", "shopify", "site"
                        ordersource = SC.OrderSource.Website
                    Case "amazon"
                        ordersource = SC.OrderSource.Amazon
                    Case "ebay"
                        ordersource = SC.OrderSource.eBayOrder
                    Case "newegg"
                        ordersource = SC.OrderSource.NewEggdotcom
                    Case "walmart"
                        ordersource = SC.OrderSource.Walmart
                    Case "wayfair"
                        ordersource = SC.OrderSource.Wayfair
                    Case Else
                        ordersource = SC.OrderSource.Website
                End Select
                Throw New Exception("The is no identifier for this order to submit to SellerCloud API")
            End If
            .CarrierName = tbCarrier.Text
            .ShipMethod = tbMethod.Text
            If tbCarrierFee.Text <> "" Then
                .ShippingCost = CDec(tbCarrierFee.Text)
            End If
            .TrackingNumber = tbTrackingNumber.Text
            If tbCurrency.Text <> "" Then
                Dim currency As New SC.CurrencyCodeType
                Select Case tbCurrency.Text
                    Case "USA", "US", "USD"
                        currency = SC.CurrencyCodeType.USD
                    Case "AUD", "AU"
                        currency = SC.CurrencyCodeType.AUD
                    Case Else
                                  currency = SC.CurrencyCodeType.USD
                End Select
                .CurrencyCode = currency
            End If
            If tbShipDate.Text <> "" Then
                .ShipDate = CDate(tbShipDate.Text)  //SHOULD BE FORMATED AS ISO DATETIME:  (Sample DateTime from XML in ISO Format: 2016-08-09T13:21:38.2702685-04:00)
                .ShipDate = Now
            End If
            If tbShipFromWarehouse.Text <> "" Then .WarehouseName = tbShipFromWarehouse.Text
        End With
        Dim serviceO As New SC.ServiceOptions
        With serviceO
            .AllowAnyProductShippingMethods = True
            .AlwaysRecalculateWeight = True
            .AnyAttr = ""
            .BulkDeleteShadows = False
            .BulkResetOffsetQty = True
            .BulkWipeRelationships = False
            .CalculateWeightIgnoreZeroWeightProducts = True
            .CreateNewProducts = False
            .DebugInfo = ""
            .DoNotDownloadImageData = True
            .DoNotGetClientUser = False
            .DontIncludePORMAImages = True
            .DontNeedCompanyProfile = False
            .FetchUserDefinedColumnsForProducts = False
            .IncludeClientUserAddressBook = False
            .PaymentNotNeeded = True
            .SaveOrderPackageDimensions = True
            .SkipBundleItemQtyUpdating = False
            .SkipCWAShippingRules = False
            .SplitItems = False
            .UseCache = False
        End With
        Dim result As New SC.Orders_UpdateShippingForOrderResponse
        Dim res As Boolean = False
            result = SC.SCServiceSoap.Orders_UpdateShippingForOrder(request)
            If scService.Orders_UpdateShippingForOrder(authHeader, serviceO, req) Then
                lblResponse.Text = "Order has been updated."
            End If
        Catch ex As Exception
            lblResponse.Text = "ERROR: " & vbCrLf & ex.Message



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