Web Services Overview

This website provides documentation, code samples, and other information regarding API connectivity to the SellerCloud platform. 
The documentation describes the latest version of the API.

Service Name        Service Description  WSDL
Order Service Retrieve orders http://tt.ws.sellercloud.com/scservice.asmx?WSDL
Shipping Service Update Orders with Tracking information. http://tt.ws.sellercloud.com/scservice.asmx?WSDL
Order Creation Service Create orders
Purchase Order Service
Create and retrieve Purchase Orders
Inventory Service
Update inventory
Bulk Update Service  Bulk update products http://tt.ws.sellercloud.com/scservice.asmx?WSDL

Using the web service:
A directory of web services is located at developer.sellercloud.com
SellerCloud web service supports SOAP. In order to work with it, you should add a web reference to your Visual C#/VB.NET project. A suggested web reference is “SC” (as used in this documentation). The same code provided here is written in VB.NET.

Creating a web service instance After you’ve added the web reference to your project, you can create a web service instance and download or update order information. Remember that all web service methods require authentication: you have to specify your SellerCloud/CoreWebAdmin email and password in an AuthHeader. Any authentication-related exceptions are thrown by the service when you call a method. It is also suggested to set a timeout value of 5 minutes to give room for any time-consuming operations.

   Dim sellerCloud As New SC.SCService
   sellerCloud.Timeout = 5 * 60 * 1000 // 5 minutes in milliseconds
   sellerCloud.AuthHeaderValue = New SC.AuthHeader
   sellerCloud.AuthHeaderValue.UserName = "user@email.com"
   sellerCloud.AuthHeaderValue.Password = "password

Please see the attached document for more detailed information about how to use the SellerCloud webservices.

SellerCloud WebService 8-24-14b.doc

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