UpdateInventory Response

When submitting an InventoryUpdate call, we will return a response containing the JobID if the call was successful. In the following examples 84951 is the jobID.

<UpdateInventoryResponse xmlns="http://api.sellercloud.com/">         

Jobs may not be executed instantly and the result of your update will not be visible right away.

To check the job status you can make this call


Once the job is complete, you will see a "Completed" response message

<QueuedJobs_GetStatusResponse xmlns="http://api.sellercloud.com/">

To check for errors make this call


The response will give you details of what went wrong

<Message>STAINLESxx : Product doesn't exists</Message>

You can also get summary details of the job by making this call


Which will return info about the number of successful/failed records processed and other relevant info.

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