Bulk Update Product Overview

Operations    Name  Description BulkUpdateFieldsQueueSmart  Imports the file into the Queue in CWA. This will create a Job, and return an immediate response.   Sample c# code  

Attachments: SampleBUPFile-SupposedToFail.txt SampleBUPFile.txt

Web Services Overview

This website provides documentation, code samples, and other information regarding API connectivity to the SellerCloud platform. The documentation describes the latest version of the API.   Service Name        Service Description  WSDL Order Service Retrieve orders http://tt.ws.sellercloud.com/scservice.asmx?WSDL Shipping Service Update Orders with Tracking information. http://tt.ws.sellercloud.com/scservice.asmx?WSDL Order Creation Service Create orders […]

Bulk Update Options Overview

Field Name  Data Type  Description CompanyIDForNewProducts  integer  If creating new products, create them in company specified here CustomCompanyID  integer OnlyUpdateProductsForCompany  integer  If you only want to update products for a specific company, place the company id here OriginalFileName  string  Name of the file for the job – for reference