Get RMA Items

Overview This endpoint can be used to retrieve the items of an existing RMA. In order to consume the endpoint you must: Be authenticated user For information on how you can authenticate, see: Authentication As soon as you do authentication and receive a valid token, it needs to be passed to […]

Channel ID list

Every channel corresponds to an ID in SellerCloud. Those IDs are used in calls exporting orders info and other places like scheduled tasks.  


Bulk Update Product Overview

Operations    Name  Description BulkUpdateFieldsQueueSmart  Imports the file into the Queue in CWA. This will create a Job, and return an immediate response.   Sample c# code  

Attachments: SampleBUPFile-SupposedToFail.txt SampleBUPFile.txt

Update Brands, Manufacturer and Product Groups

Brand and Manufacturer Q: How to change, create, get the brand list from the API. A: Brands cannot be updated through the API, but Manufacturer can. Client setting Stop using Brands (Use Manufacturer as Brand)   will set the Manufacturer to be used as Brand. Create new: Get Manufacturer: List All: […]

UpdateInventory Response

When submitting an InventoryUpdate call, we will return a response containing the JobID if the call was successful. In the following examples 84951 is the jobID.

Jobs may not be executed instantly and the result of your update will not be visible right away. To check the job status […]


GetRMA In order to create an RMA for an order, the OrderCreationSourceApplication on the order has to be PointOfSale There are two ways to request RMAs, by OrderID or RMAID: RMA_GetRMAByOrderID RMA_GetRMAByID Associate Replacement order with RMA This can be linked on the RMA Item Level:  RMAItem_Update Changing the status of RMA Create […]