Get All Queued Jobs


In order to get information for many queued jobs in a single request, then you can consume the endpoint presented in this article. However in order to do that, you must:

  • Be authenticated user

For information on how you can authenticate, see: Authentication

As soon as you do authentication and receive a valid token, it needs to be passed on the call for getting queued jobs.

  • You can provide page number and page size and some filtering information


Example for such endpoint for TT server:

For your server endpoint will be:



Information about expected request parameters can be found on swagger UI https://tt/

  • Method Type: HttpGet
  • Authorization: Use Bearer Token + token received from token authentication
  • Header info: Content-Type: application/json
  • Parameters:
Parameters Data Type Description Is Required
pageNumber integer Number of page yes
pageSize integer Number of queued jobs per page yes
companyIDList List List of ID of companies No
submittedFrom DateTime Minimum date of submitting the job. No
submittedTo DateTime Maximum date of submitting the job. No
jobType List Product_Bulk_Update,


Product_Export_For_Channel etc.

For more information please check swagger.

jobStatuses List Submitted, Processing, Completed, Cancelled etc.

For more information please check swagger.

submittedBy integer ID of the employee who has submitted the job. No
queuedJobPriorities List BelowNormal, Normal, High, Critical, No


  • If user is authenticated and provides a valid page number and page size, then response will be Status Code 200 => OK and orders metadata in JSON format

  • If user is not authenticated, then response will be Status Code 401 => Not Valid Token
  • On server response => Status Code 500 => Internal Server Error

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